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BehaviorSnap was created by two school psychologists practicing in the Boulder, CO area— Sacha Mittelman and Lindsay Gahn. The app was conceived when Sacha received an iPad as a gift and instantly thought, “I’m going to use this for taking behavior data, surely there is an app for that.” She was surprised to learn at the time, no such tool existed. She shared this idea with Lindsay, who applied her resourcefulness to discovering how to create an app.

Lindsay and Sacha

Sacha Mittelman and Lindsay Gahn

Back in 2011, when BehaviorSnap was launched, the market for mobile apps for educators was only just emerging and much of the process was uncharted territory. The duo linked up with Foraker Labs, a Boulder-based firm, to actualize the concept. Numerous iterations later, including an iPhone version, over 10,000 professionals are using BehaviorSnap for systematic behavior observation.

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Here’s what other people are saying about the BehaviorSnap app:

Matt G., Lead School Psychologist, Durham, NC

“BehaviorSnap gives a great framework for what types of observations we should be doing. It’s more scientific and much easier than how we have been conducting observations. We are now spending more time doing our jobs than managing our materials.”

Eric W., School Psychologist, Boulder, CO

“Let me be the first to say that this is the tool I’ve been waiting for. As a school psychologist this app has already helped me collect valuable data on student behavior. The charts are perfect, the user interface is easy and intuitive, and the design is sleek and modern.”

Rose D., Special Education Teacher, Denver, CO

“Going from doing pencil and paper observations to using this tool is like the difference between a dinosaur and a space rocket!”

Carrie E., School Psychologist, Des Plaines, IL

“This app has really helped me! It makes taking behavior data so much easier. It’s so easy to use. It’s well worth the cost.”

Michael L., Principal, Manassas, Virginia

“This is one of the best apps for schools.”

BehaviorSnap for iOS

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